About Da Ai

May Great Love Light up the World Since it was established in 1995, Da Ai TV has been upholding the principle and ideal of "bearing witness to the power of compassion" and "deeply cultivating the spirit of humanity" when producing programming of truth, goodness, and beauty. It is today a global satellite TV channel of choice, as well as a content provider of wholesome programming that serves viewers in every corner of the world.

Thanks to the concerted efforts of all staff at Da Ai TV, a survey that assesses Taiwan's media conducted by a local university revealed that in 2006, Da Ai TV ranked first in the categories of the best quality TV channel with most impartial and objective reports, as well as the most influential channel on an individual and society. In a nationwide TV viewers rating conducted by AGB Nielsen Media Research, Da Ai TV ranked fifth in channel viewership, and second in primetime viewership among all terrestrial and cable TV in Taiwan. Without the sponsorship of the government, the operation of Da Ai TV is partially supported by Tzu Chi's recycling volunteers, as one fourth of the TV's fund comes from the money made from selling recyclables collected by over 50,000 recycling volunteers around Taiwan. In Da Ai TV, there are no commercial ads, but only public service ads between program breaks.

We know that the path we choose to take is a long and arduous one, but we hope to set an example for others to see that programming with wholesome contents of love and kindness will always be affirmed by viewers, and we sincerely hope to inspire more other stations to join the ranks of making a better world for all.

Love is not a fleeting thought but something that requires putting into practice. In our efforts to inspire people's inherent love and kindness, we further hope to guide people to benefit others through their action. When more people are inspired to take action, we can then bring harmony and peace to the world. We look forward to seeing you be a part of this endeavor.